ATtiny Punk Console

ATtiny Punk Console

The ATtiny Punk Console (ATPC) is a programmable 8-bit mini synthesizer. From Noise Toy, Drum Sound Generator, Atari Punk Console to Drone Generator - many things are possible! Ready-made synthesizer programs can be uploaded via smartphone or PC, or you can program your own codes using the Arduino IDE.

Further features:

  • Body contacts parallel to the potentiometers
  • 5V gate input or output (programmable)
  • Analog output and filter section
  • 6.35 and 3.5mm jack sockets connected in parallel
  • 7-15V power supply (center = ground)
  • protected against overvoltage/ negative input
  • and an audio bootloader! This means that by playing a short audio sequence, the sound and programming of the synthesizer can be changed within seconds.

Status: v3 kit

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